Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fluoride Deception Interview/Video

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David said...

PETA has to euthanize many of the animal it receives. It does not abuse them, euthanization is almost a painless death outside of a needle prick.

They have to do this because there is no where they can keep them. They cannot give them to shelters, because most are way over-populated.

Pet owners have an important responsibility to neuter or spay their pets if they are not breeders. A lot don't, this causes a heavy amount of over-populating of domestic dogs and cats. And is why shelters and packed to the brill with animals they do not have room for, nor have the funds to sustain them all. The government does not help these places at all.

I'm not surprised PETA does this. If PETA was not PETA, say they were PETAH, PETA would never protest against PETAH, never. No Inhumane practices at all.

They talk to prospective adopters for the some of the animals, and they determine if they would be a good fit. Sometimes, it's a no. Because, they will be a strong chance if a sketchy person comes in wanting to adopt a pet, that that pet will end up abused and back on the street or back into PETA's hands with injuries.

I dunno, what do you think about my comments?