Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some Myths About Bottled Water and the Documentary To Perpetuate Some of Them

This post is with thanks to a reader,The Lemon Lady.

This movie is a great example of misleading information. The other documentaries these people were involved in (Who Killed the Electric Car, etc.) are a bit propagandist, but that is neither here nor there. These people do come from a worldview typically at odds with mine, but I love to post contrarian views for fairness. Granted, I do not believe that there is a secret cabal to kill electric cars. Oil, gas, and coal will still be burned to supply their energy needs. I, likewise, do not believe man in causing Climate-Change (formerly know as Global Warming). I also do not believe that plastic bottles leach chemicals into the water they hold. See:
  1. "Water Bottle Myths -- Reusable? Poisonous?"
  2. More Water Bottle Myths

All that being said, I do believe that the plastic produced has harmful, long-lasting effects on our environment. This effect has no impact of Climat-Change, but its effects are on the biological life forms that exist on our planet, more than other forms of pollution. The author of "Bottlemani: how Water Went On Sale and Why We Bought It," makes these points in an interview on the Dennis Prager Show entitled, "The Cult of Bottled Water" (Broadcast on July 31, 2008). (There is another interview with Denis Prager where Elizabeth Royte makes some great points on the show entitled "Where Does Our Garbage Go?" originally broadcast on August 17, 2005.) That is, there is not much evidence for the "leaching effect" but there is evidence that plastic stays in our environment far too long. So with all that said and you understanding my rejection of many parts of this documentary, here is the intro to it: