Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good News for Beer-In Tennessee At Least

From Libertarian Republican:

Saturday was a big day for beer drinkers in Tennessee, and for jobs. The Tennessee House approved a measure to allow strong beer sales in the State. But it's also an enticement for out-of-state breweries to re-locate to Tennessee. One in particular happens to be from California.

From the San Jose Mercury News "Lawmakers OK strong beer sales at Tenn. breweries":
The House voted 69-15 to pass the bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Curry Todd of Collierville. It passed the Senate 28-3 a day earlier.

The measure is aimed at enticing Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to establish a $200 million plant in East Tennessee.

Alcoa is on the short list of locations being considered by the Chico, Calif.-based company, but the brewer has said that it won't remain in the running without changes in state law. The company wants the state to allow on-site sales of high-alcohol beer and the sampling of products at a taproom and restaurant that would be built alongside the brewery.

"This is a good bill, it's an economic development bill," Todd said.
Republican Gov. Bill Haslam has said he will sign the legislation.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mitch Daniels Likes Woodford Reserve Bourbon

A partial post from my main blog detailing Mitch Daniel's choice of drink:

Meeting with a group of young Republicans to discuss his possible presidential bid on Thursday.  As relayed by RCP:

"We  are a party of ideas, but more importantly a party that acts on ideas,"  he said, adding that in the Hoosier State, there were no forgotten  towns or inner cities that are too bleak.

He has obviously given some thought to the area beyond Indiana's borders, too.

Daniels  accepted an invitation from those 55 students to meet at a spacious bar  several blocks away after the event; he sipped Woodford Reserve bourbon as he asked them about their own lives and families.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Beer for Patriots

NEW YORK (AP) — George Washington is famous for many things. Yet it‘s safe to say few know the nation’s founding father created a recipe for beer.

The New York Public Library, which owns the recipe, announced on Wednesday that it was partnering with Coney Island Brewing Company in Brooklyn to recreate the brew.